About me

For over 20 years I worked with organizations and individuals, helping them reach their corporate goals. Longing for a greater connection with nature, I gave up my corporate life and moved to New Zealand after the birth of our two children, Daniel is now 9 and Sofia is 7. Loving life as a full-time mum, I originally trained as a Fitness Instructor (yoga and pilates) and Health coach.

A deep desire to make more of a contribution in my life and to fulfil my own life purpose, led me to pursue a career as a Life Coach with the Life Mastery Institute. I have moved beyond my own struggles with anxiety, depression and self-doubt using the tools I now teach.

I am now coaching clients internationally and helping them to accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives they love living. I have the freedom to work from anywhere, and love that I run my own successful coaching business whilst being a full-time mum to my kids.  


“If you long for an even better life, and would appreciate more support, encouragement and accountability, please contact me. I’ll share with you the tools and strategies that have helped me navigate life with more ease, flow and success and help you create a life you’d love living!”

What others say…

“Making a decision to do some life work on yourself with a coach is a big thing and yet with Vicky it was so easy, like it was meant to be. I loved the dream building process but did not expect what seemed to me like an extra level of support that Vicky gave on top of the coaching element. It felt like she was focused on thinking about you between sessions and couldn’t have been more supportive. I recommend it to everyone.”


Nurse, Mum to one teenage girl

“I have a good story about Vicky…..I met this spunky, happy, friendly lady in the LA (Los Angeles) Airport when she tripped over my suitcase. She had a darling accent, lived in New Zealand, and had been in LA for training as a life coach. I was headed to Nebraska (talk about different sides of the world) but we got to talking about her life coaching. We had a friendly conversation about my wish to get a business going. I had a dream. Vicky was a dream builder. I had curly hair. Vicky had curly hair. I was a nurse and wanted to help people. Vicky was an inspiring soul and wanted to help people. It felt like I had known Vicky forever and that our meeting was meant to be. 

After learning more about Dream Builders, I decided Vicky’s coaching would be good for me. For 3 months she coached and coaxed me as I learned to navigate life in a positive direction. I learned that I am more than the negative rut I found myself in. I learned steps that help lift me in a positive direction where I am part of an infinite power who loves me more than I’ll ever know.

Because of Vicky’s coaching, I built a confidence that I can pursue my dream of starting my business. I’ve come pretty far. In fact, just today, I had a meeting with my business partners where we were so excited about our plans that the meeting went one hour longer than we planned. We are nurses who are going to make childcare better for kids in Omaha and eventually in the whole state of Nebraska!! We will do health teaching for childcare teachers so they can help our kids be healthy and safe! We’ll teach about kids health issues such as medication administration, asthma, allergic reactions, diabetes, ADHD, immunizations, etc, etc. But this dream was not realized until I asked Vicky to help me, coach me, support me, encourage me. She did that and more! Vicky is now a friend and the reason I feel success! She is a Dream Builder! So thank you Vicky, you are part of my success story and for this I am forever grateful!”

Ann Tripp

DreamBuilder, Nurse and Mum of 2, grandma to 6

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