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Truly madly deeply…

Truly madly deeply…

Do you believe in happy ever after? Maybe you’ve found it and if you have that’s awesome. If not, this may help you work out why not.

My clients often come to me to work on their career,  but here’s the thing, as careers start to progress, often we notice areas of discontent in other parts of our lives. So let’s paint a picture which may resonate with some of you. You live with your partner, you may or may not have children but you live in a rhythm which for some is a comfortable habit and that’s great, for others it’s become a habitual sense of inertia or even an endurance test.

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Reaching 50 and the turkey neck…

Reaching 50 and the turkey neck…

I remember my mother (who I admire immensely – she started her own business at 55), talking to her friends about getting older and them all agreeing that the ‘turkey neck’ was the one thing they all struggled with. Just think about a turkey’s neck and you’ll get it. I...

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