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Into your Genius

Welcome to Into Your Genius! During this course you will discover and explore how to unlock the six powerful mental faculties that you already possess. You will listen to six audios recorded by Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor. This course offers a very structured and careful process which, when followed, will bring forth amazing results! You will learn key points and principles, and then follow them up with specific action steps. Get ready for exciting new opportunities to open up for you!

(Two weeks per topic, 3 month course, one hour a week via telephone or video call.)

Lesson One


During this lesson, you will learn that each of us is born with six extraordinary gifts. You will discover that Imagination is the first of the 6 gifts that we were given by the Universe freely and without reservation. You will learn the difference between Synthetic and Creative Imagination and you will learn how to close your eyes, and picture the life you want to live in specific detail.

Lesson Two


In the lesson exploring Intuition, you learn the difference between the mind and the brain (there really is a difference) and discover how to listen to your voice of Intuition – your still small voice. You will learn that every question carries with it the answer by using our Intuition and how to tell the difference between your Intuitive voice and all other “voices.”

Lesson Three

The Will:

As we study this Law we will learn that the law of our being is perpetual increase, progress and growth. We should be happy with our current results but be looking upward for higher success. We will explore the idea that there is enough abundance for everyone – there is an infinite source of supply. Your abundance does not take away from anyone else’s abundance. The supply is always greater than the demand. We will learn how to remove our agreement with lack and begin to agree with abundance.

Lesson Four


During this lesson we will learn that we actually all have perfect Memory. We will discover a process for remembering 100 things and learn that Memory can be use both backwards and forwards. We will learn how to use Memory to really step into the life we are imagining.

Lesson Five


This lesson will involve exploring the idea that we become what we spend our time thinking about and learn about the concept of You Squared. You will use your faculty of Reason to come up with our Big Idea (what we really want) and learn how to use this faculty to think through each situation we encounter.

Lesson Six


As we study the mental faculty of Perception, we will discover a tool called the “Internal Pause Button” that allows us to look at every condition and circumstance from a different perspective. We will learn how to harvest the good from each situation we encounter and how to recognize a paradigm (thought or belief) that may be limiting and replace it with a new, more empowering paradigm.

Believe you can.”

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