Workplace Wellbeing

Create a happier, more productive workplace today!

“Stress and anxiety have continued to rise, large numbers of Kiwis continue turning up to work when sick, and three out of four businesses still aren’t geared to support older workers despite our ageing workforce. … With the average person spending around 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime, human capital is crucial to New Zealand’s success, and a happy, healthy, engaged workforce should be a key goal for all businesses.”

BusinessNZ Survey 2017

Workplace wellbeing is about workplaces that place a higher value on their people and see them as individuals have greater levels of innovation, creativity, resilience, productivity and ultimately retention. Tangible benefits include a reduction in stress levels leading to greater efficiency, lower levels of overtime and micro-management. A happy, healthy workforce simply supports itself better. Every one of your people has the potential to work smarter and with more efficiency, to feel more robust and creative. If you’re looking for something new to create an uplift in levels of engagement and exceed KPIs and strategic goals a workplace wellbeing initiative could be perfect for your business.

How I work

As a certified Life Coach and speaker, I offer a wide range of services from Keynotes at Corporate Events to engaging and motivational courses and workshops. Please contact me to discuss your requirements as much of my content can be tailored to align with your corporate or leadership goals and aspirations.

Workshop topics: (1 hr to half day)

  • How to live and work with more purpose and passion
  • You versus the whirlwind of your life – get productive!
  • Returning to work: overcoming stress and reconnecting with who you can be
  • How to remove blocks and self-sabotage and create more success!
  • Don’t just survive – thrive!
  • Creating work life balance and setting intentions for a happier life
  • Being present and using gratitude in the workplace

Training programs and courses

I provide a variety of services to suit your organizational requirements, from a single transformational coaching session to a 3, 6 or 12 month course.

Program delivery:

Structured system of support via a mix of personal or group coaching sessions at your offices or via video or conference call plus online self-study materials and homework!

My programs can be tailored to suit organizational objectives and aligned with wellbeing targets, the DreamBuilder program is an example of an Internationally successful program which I deliver to individuals and groups.

DreamBuilder Program

12 weeks

Personal support, inspiration, motivation and accountability to help you:

  • Learn to live from your true source of power – YOU!
  • Learn how to connect more deeply with your passion and purpose
  • Learn how to create a conscious vision
  • How to overcome your blocks and self sabotage behaviour
  • Tools for changing the patterns that don’t serve you anymore
  • Create a new set point for harmony with your vision
  • How to create great results again and again

Training resilience

This four week course can be delivered weekly face to face session, either in person or via video link, and includes a self-study element.

It might include individuals or groups who have experienced some or all the following:

  • Working with or managing difficult people or teams
  • Returning to work after children
  • Managing amicable separations/divorce with children
  • Navigating through bereavement and grief
  • How to plan for redundancy/retirement
  • Managing teams before/during/after a restructure

Core events:

My core event program focussed on connecting people with their personal and professional goals and helping achieve them.  

Complimentary 1 hour Lunch and learn for all new enquiries!

Believe you can.”

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